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Summer is Here!



Summertime Memories

Regardless of when summer actually “starts”, to me it is the three months of June, July and August. Maybe this is a holdover from my grade school days back in St. Louis. There was a time as a young boy when I didn’t know what a “month” was, and I thought summer lasted a whole year. The days of riding bikes with Peter, visits to the pool or the lake on Saturdays when my dad was off work, and sleepovers at neighbor’s homes, were all paradise.

Some of my most sacred summertime memories are when “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John came out, (Yes, I’m dating myself.) …Or riding my bike up to the plaza to buy the latest release from George Harrison after the breakup of the Beatles. Then there was Steppenwolf!  “Born to be Wild” was the soundtrack of choice as I cruised the neighborhoods in the summer of ’69. It must have been a good summer because Brian Adams sang a song about it!

What are your favorite childhood summer memories and what was the soundtrack that defines your childhood? What will be your soundtrack for the summer of 2012?

Some childhood dreams get fulfilled, getting to play for and see you, my Phriends all around the country at the meet and greets, and playing to massive crowds with my favorite people on earth! Charleston Miles tells me what we are part of, is historic. Only time will tell, but as for my personal history, I cannot forget what we experience together at these shows.

This summer started for the Coral Reefer Band with rehearsals in Austin. We love that town! Before we knew it we were up and rocking in the steamy heat of Houston, playing the background music for your party. As Jimmy says, “It’s a steam bath and a show!” Charlotte was one of those first-note nuclear-reaction shows where everything just explodes on the downbeat.  There we got to hear Mac and Jimmy play, “The Coast of Carolina”. It was a beautiful night as the sun set.


Sports Personality Ernie Johnson, Jr & Wife Cheryl

Atlanta was it’s own parallel universe. Jimmy was “on”, (as if he isn’t on any other night!) Zac Brown and his band were hanging backstage before the show and out in the audience during the show. It’s a trip to look out and see my good friends, the honorable John Hopkins, bassist with the Zac Brown band, and his wife standing in the audience. The feeling of seeing you, our dear phriends in the audience and standing on stage with Zac playing “Knee Deep” is indescribable. It’s quantum joy!

I can’t wait to see you all on the next leg of “Lounging at the Lagoon”. Let’s make some more summertime memories together. As Mac McAnally sings, “It’s better than the good old days.”


By unclejim
Posted at 2:59 PM7:22 PM
June 21, 2012