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On Account Of You


It’s been a busy few weeks, during which I finished my IM4U teaching program pilot and sent it out to the graduate school of education instructors at the University of Hawaii. Graduate students will be studying and critiquing the program along with 20 teachers and 700 students testing it before we make it available to schools around the globe.

It has been a wonderful time! Interspersed with all the IM4U development have been some incredible musical experiences. Last Friday morning I got up early and packed my car for a road trip to Muscle Shoals Alabama. My travel companions were Lilabeth my upright bass and my Fender Precision Bass, wonderful travel partners but not much on conversation! No matter, they both did a lot of talking this past weekend when we hit the stage and the studio.


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Posted at 5:09 PM7:22 PM
October 14, 2012