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Olympic Athlete Takes On Cyber-Bully


There are as many positive ways to deal with bullying and cyber-bullying as there are bullying situations, there is no “One Size Fits All”.  As many of you are aware the Uncle Jim Anti-Bullying program focuses on a principle based approach for Preschool and Elementary age kids with the goal of reaching them early before they get into a bullying habit. With a principle based approach we each can custom fit our own way of handling the myriad of challenging situations that arise whether we are teachers, parents or aunts and uncles.

Though we are focused on reaching kids early, I often write about many other phases of bullying, Middle and High school, workplace and cyber-bullying, and bullying issues that arise in families. When I see an interesting event I like to start a discussion and get your feedback and thoughts.

With the Olympic Games in full swing, I found it interesting that the issue of cyber-bullying became news. It appears that a British Olympic weightlifter, Zoe Smith was targeted on Twitter with as series of offensive Tweets. I won’t go into all the facts, You can read the original article on Yahoo Sports by clicking HERE.

I think this young woman handled the tweets with grace and humor, totally disarming the bully, identified as “infidel1978”. She didn’t back down, and though our personal approaches may vary, there is a lot to learn from this strong young Olympic athlete. I’d love to hear what you think about this situation.


Uncle Jim

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Posted at 9:41 AM7:22 PM
August 1, 2012