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Jimmy Buffett and Lionel Ritchie – An Incredible Detroit Experience


The road is a strange bender of time, or may be it’s’ a blender of time. After playing Indianapolis following a visit with Katie Couric this week, (more on that later) and Cincinnati, to a 25th anniversary crowd, it is hard to believe that only one week ago we were getting ready to play an historic night with Lionel Richie!

When I first sat down to share my thoughts about Saturday night’s concert at Comerica Park in Detroit, I found myself unable to describe the feelings I had about that magical night. I’ve been doing this music thing for lots of years and I have had many incredible experiences but there was something special about this night.

To start, Lionel Ritchie and his band were simply stunning. Standing in the wings, off stage, watching Lionel perform, I was amazed at the ease in which he floated through his set list. I think it fair to say that, as professionals, we were all inspired by what we saw.

I know you have heard me say that Jimmy and the Band were ON many times in the past, but Saturday night it went beyond on, it was truly a “mountain top” event for me. Of all of the great performances I have had the honor to take part in, I have never seen Jimmy at such ease with a guest performer as he was that night.

After Jimmy and Lionel performed “All Night Long”, we all gathered to one side of the stage and there was so much voltage, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, what just happened?” After the thundering applause settled, Lionel turned and said, to no one in particular, “Do you do it like this every night?”

I thought about his comment later that night as I was trying to decompress and catch a little sleep, and, with a smile on my face, I said to myself, “Yeah, Lionel, we do, every night we take the stage, the Parrotheads bring the electricity, the blenders start to whirl, the music brings back the magic, and here were again, in Margaritaville.


Uncle Jim

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Posted at 1:58 PM7:22 PM
August 4, 2012