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Jimmy Buffett And Katie Couric Rock Indianapolis


Every town we visit is like a homecoming. You all welcome us into your city and bring the party, we bring the music and somehow together we find ourselves in Margaritaville! We are happy to be the music for your festivities and your lives. This homecoming was especially true for band member John Lovell, an Indiana native born son. Johnny not only rocks the trumpet but you’ve hopefully seen his, “Gypsies in the Palace” dance extravaganza which is legendary among us band members!

Lounging at the Lagoon


When you work a show for someone like Jimmy Buffett you’re never sure who’s going to show up. Way back when we first met Jimmy I remember the day James Taylor walked into the studio to say hello. Just last week we shared the stage with Lionel Ritchie in Detroit, but in Indianapolis we added a new Coral Reeferette, Katie Couric! She fit right in between Nadirah and Tina for a rockin’ good night of song and dance. Ladies and gentlemen, Katie can rock!!!

A very cool moment happened as I was walking back stage on my way to dinner and Katie came out of her dressing room in a pair of Coral colored Capri pants. Ya! The color matched my Fender Jazz Bass “Mango”. If you recall you all helped me name this bass last year! (Thank you Cheryl Scanlon!) Though we discussed taking a photo with the three of us later that evening, (Katie, Mango and yours truly), she became busy with her production staff and rehearsing with the Referrettes. Needless to say, I was very happy just to meet Katie and share the stage with her. Yes, she can sing!

Where art thou Katie?

Katie is preparing to launch and host her own syndicated daytime talk show on ABC starting in September. Back stage she had her production crew chronicling her Coral Reefer Debut. I had the good fortune of sitting with her and some Buffett folk over dinner and hearing her stories of the various ideas she’s working on for the show. Now I can’t wait to see her show! Katie is the real deal, relaxed, easy to talk with, and no pretension.

I know, I know… It’s tough being a Coral Reefer.

IM4U Katie!

Uncle Jim

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Posted at 3:50 AM7:22 PM
August 8, 2012