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Houston, we don’t have a problem… WE ARE READY FOR BLAST OFF!


Parrotheads Ready!

Are we Lounging at the Lagoon or rocking in Austin? On Wednesday night it was hard to tell. After 10 days of rehearsing with full-on lights, video and sound system, we were as tight as we’ve ever been. Even the crew agreed. Jimmy has taught us just where we can find Margaritaville: It’s right between hanging out with good friends and not giving a sh*t — just enough to let our earthly cares recede.

Stacked High

The new Austin City Limits venue had three stories of fans stacked high (in more ways than one), directly in front of the stage, providing an optimum setting for musical mayhem, Caribbean style.

Hitting the stage felt a little like the moon launches when all the pylons and connectors fall away from the rocket and it blasts off into space. Apparently we didn’t need a parachute for this lagoon landing because we all dove in squarely on beat one and continued to party on through the night.

Rockin' Reefers

From the very first note, with the herbal vapors wafting across the stage, the fans were on their feet and partying the way only Parrotheads can. They never sat down!

A couple special moments for me, which some of you might remember, were Tina Gullickson singing “Gulf Coast Highway” with Mac and Jimmy. It was a perfect vehicle to showcase Tina’s incredible voice. Oh Yeah, Jimmy and Mac sounded pretty good too…

How about Robert Greenridge’s solo on “Jolly Mon,” geez, it was like nuclear. And my brother Peter’s guitar solo on “Scarlet Begonia” took us straight past the 7 Sisters and on to other constellations. After all this, we came back to earth and met with the crew for drinks and chilled with local friends.

Reefers and Crew hanging

It feels so good to be getting feedback already from Phriends and Phans alike! Thanks Jimmy for another great tour concept and thanks y’all for a great night!

We are ready for you Houston, we don’t have a problem! 😀 See you super-soon at the lagoon!


Uncle Jim

Texas State Capital

By unclejim
Posted at 11:53 PM7:22 PM
June 1, 2012