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Cincinnati Buffett Show – A 25 Year Anniversary


Cincinnati holds a special place in the hearts and souls of the Parrothead Nation. Legend has it that the name was coined during a concert here at the Timberwolf Amphitheater, some many years ago. The story goes, Jimmy had made some comments during a show about how the fans wore their Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats and keep coming back to see the shows just like the “Dead Heads”. One of the band members (before my time) is said to have made a play on those words and coined the name “Parrotheads”.


Uncle Jim with Parakeets

Who knows where exactly the name “Parrothead” was coined? What I do know is that Ohio has been spinning blenders and doing the Fins dance for a loooong time! This year was a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Buffett concerts at Riverbend Music Center! Whether on the lawn, in the seats, on the stage, or on the river, we were all “Gypsies in the Palace” this past Thursday night!

After arriving at the Center, I was walking around backstage and looked down on the Ohio River and was astounded to see the Margaritaville Navy. Word has it that the fleet had started to gather the night before the show. If any of you have photos taken at the Margaritaville Navy party please forward them over to and we’ll be sure they get posted on the Blog and my FaceBook page.

We enjoyed getting to see many of you face to face at our “Meet and Greet,” and totally enjoyed the flocks of Parakeets (young fans) who came by to visit. Jimmy has created something multi-generational and from the looks of y’all bringing your kids, it’s going to carry-on for some time. (Just don’t forget to plug their ears on, “Why don’t we get lunch in school” 🙂

As Jimmy likes to say, it was a “steam bath and a show”. That’s why they call it “Summertime”!

Thank you Cincinnati!


Uncle Jim

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Posted at 8:23 AM7:22 PM
August 7, 2012